Stephen Fine, founder and president of the Melanoma Education Foundation, gave club members an informative presentation on melanoma on December 1st.  He explained the differences between the three types of skin cancer, basal sell, squamous and melanoma, then went into further depth about the subcategories.
He also described how to detect skin cancers, prevention and treatment.  For more information about melanoma, he provided us with several links to websites and online videos.
Melanoma Education Foundation Web Pages:

For Everyone:  -- The Melanoma Education Foundation website

For Health & Wellness Educators and Students:  -- The Melanoma Education Foundation website

Video Links

31-Minute Early Self-Detection/Prevention Video:
(The video above has most of the live Rotary Presentation Content )

16-Minute High School Student Video:

22-Minute Middle School Student Video:

30 Minute Health Teacher Training Video: